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Going on Medicare Soon?

Turning 65 is an important milestone for Americans since it is their initial opportunity to enroll in Medicare. This can be an intimidating and overwhelming process – trying to understand and evaluate all the options. Our goal at Wilson Insurance Advisors is to guide you through the Medicare enrollment process and to help you understand your coverage options. Sarah Wilson is an independent advisor representing all of the top rated companies who will give you unbiased advice. The benefits of having a Medicare plan can be life-saving, but understanding the system can be difficult, preventing some from getting the coverage they need. If you are overwhelmed and confused by all of the information being thrown at you, I would love to help you sort through and find the plan that best fits your needs and wants. 


Please give me a call to schedule a complimentary meeting for us to discuss any questions you may have regarding Medicare options. 


I hope to see you soon! 

Dedicated to Providing the Best, Non-Biased Medicare Options to you.



“So appreciative to Sarah Wilson, Annie and Keith for taking care and assisting me with Medicare needs. Totally pleased and satisfied!"


Charlene H.


“Sarah and her team made the Medicare enrollment process a breeze. She explained everything thoroughly and clearly. I would definitely recommend anyone I know to reach out to Sarah for any Medicare needs.”


Arthur M.

“I tell all of my friends to reach out to Sarah, she is amazing at what she does!”


Betty T.




“High quality service. Always friendly and helpful.”


Ralph P.

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